Listing & Agent Importing via XML

Essential Elements

Here are some Essential Elements and Hints
for the viewr XML Database Import Mapping

  • <listingid>133634</listingid>   For Auto Updating
  • <postdate>2008-02-23 02:02:53.819453</postdate>  For Auto Updating
  • <modifieddate>2008-06-01</modifieddate>  For Auto Updating
  • <country>Spain</country>   Essential due to many users having properties in several Countries.
  • <title>For sale 4 bedroom apartment</title>   Title is important for viewr visitors/users.
  • <filename>
    </filename>     In order to load all the pictures, they need to be within their own container.
  • It is also very Important that all the Fields/Nodes that are in the Feed also be in the very First Property Listing of the Feed for Mapping purposes.
  • The More Information you can include that is compatible with our system, the better for the viewers and potential buyers of the listings.
  • Any Incompatible Information, Nodes or Fields; that Info can be included in the <publicremarks> and you can be quite creative using CDATA (Character Data).
  • In order to auto update your feed, your feed filename needs to be the same.
  • Currency:   User Currency Nodes must be in this format  
    <listprice currency="EUR"></listprice>   <listprice currency="ZAR"></listprice>
  • It is very helpful to Not use a node name more than once in any feed as it makes editing, mapping and adapting the feed difficult of impossible not to mention confusing. Each node name should be unique within a feed. Such as below.


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